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About Us - Lanai Chamber

About Us

More About the Lāna‘i Chamber of Commerce

About the Chamber


The Lāna’i Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to fostering the growth and development of Lānai’s businesses and its community. The goal of the Lāna’i Chamber of Commerce is to help create an environment that promotes business while preserving the culture, values, resources and uniqueness of Lāna’i.

Through advocacy, strong leadership and member-focused initiatives, the Lāna’i Chamber of Commerce strives to help businesses and our community create new connections, share ideas and to learn new skills. The Lāna’i Chamber of Commerce’s commitment to the future of Lāna’i includes supporting new ventures for those interested in investing in the community and its prosperity.

More About Us

  • Deliver Results
  • Build Stength
  • Grow the Pie
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