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A few FAQ's about the 100 acre Community Ag Park - Lanai Chamber

FAQ’s Community 100 acre Ag Park


  1. 100 acre Community Ag Park? What about this Ag Park?
    • A 100 acre Ag Park was “Condition 2” of for the Manele Golf Course Project and dates back to a 1991 LUC D&O, whereby the Company was required to set aside 100 acres for the establishment and operation of an agricultural park – by the State Department of Agriculture and County of Maui for Lāna’i residents. The Company complied insofar as a lease was entered into between the Company and the State Department of Agriculture. The lease is for 55 years and carries nominal fee of $100 per year.  


    • “Petitioner shall make available 100 acres of land, with an adequate supply of water, to the State Department of Agriculture and or the County of Maui, for their establishment and operation of an agricultural park for Lanai residents, at nominal rents for a 55-year term, at site(s) agreeable to the State Department of Agriculture and the County of Maui.” Compliance: Petitioner has complied with this Condition 2. In that certain Indenture of Lease, dated July 15, 1994 and filed in the Land Court as Document No. 2165943, Dole leased to the BLNR 100 acres of real property for use as the Lanai Agricultural Park for purposes of discharging Petitioner’s obligations under Condition 2. This lease was amended by that certain Amendment of Lease, dated August 19, 1994 and filed as Land Court Document No. 2199103. With respect to an “adequate water supply”, the Lease states that the State “shall have the right to purchase from the public utility and to use up to, but not more than 0.20 MGD on the average annual basis.” The Amendment of Lease states that, notwithstanding this quoted sentence of the Lease, “the parties further agree that additional water will be allocated to the agricultural park in the future, but that the need for such additional water will be the [State’s] responsibility to justify and that any costs incurred for this additional water will be borne by the [State].”

  2. Can I read a copy of the Lease with the State Department of Ag?
    • Yes, a PDF Copy of the Lease may be found here.
  3. So why hasn’t anything happened in the last 23 years?
    • Short Story is that The State Department of Ag, by 1997 or so, felt that there was not sufficient community support for the project.  Which was due largely to questions centered around the cost of agricultural water and how the development and ongoing costs would be bourn or shared between the state and the farmers.  The Ag Resources & Technology available at the time also presented challenges to the project as did the logistics of delivering water and providing physical access to the property.  The Lease was subsequently consigned to the file cabinet.
  4. So has anything changed in the last 23 years?
    • Yes, Achieving Food Sustainability and Supporting Locally Grown Food Resources have since become a central part of Maui County and State objectives and long range plans. New varieties, high value crops, value added products and new irrigation & technology have all emerged over the last 23 years. In addition additional Resources are now available, to support agricultural efforts and the creation of value added food products, within Maui County and the State. Check out these Google Results for Ag Sustainability + Hawaii.
  5. So what else needs to change to make this happen – what would a first step be?
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